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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

8 Years Old

Rescue Location


Rescue Date

23 January 2019

Herd / Friends

Kabu / PloyThong / SaiThong

Chana at Elephant Nature Park

Chana is a young female elephant who was rescued to Elephant Nature Park at the age of 8 and had been suffering from a broken rear left leg for about 6 – 7 months.

Apparently she had been playing on a termite mound and slipped, catching her rear left leg between 2 trees. Struggling and panicking, it is believed Chana broke her leg in the chaos of trying to free herself.

After a short while at a hospital, she returned home to stay with the owner. She still showed pain to walk. At the house of Chana’s owner, there was not much space and they also had to work at their farm, having no time for the injured young girl. Chana was chained most of the time. Finally they contacted Lek at Save Elephant Foundation to help take Chana.

Please scroll through their history and consider sponsoring Chana

Chana engages the interest of her sister and nanny, SaiThong and Ploythong

Chana engages the interest of her sister and nanny, SaiThong and Ploythong

Chana is a bright light, a playful soul, and open to the world ! She is the beating heart of…Read More

Chompu and MuayLek embraced and protected by a true family

Chompu and MuayLek embraced and protected by a true family

Tell me which you deem preferable, and then I will know the future of captive elephants. Is it a life…Read More

Elephant of the Week 17 July 2023: Kabu

elephant of the week kabu at elephant nature park

Kabu had a horrible life by the time that we rescued her at 28 years old. As a youngster born…Read More

FaaMai brings a smile to everyone’s face

FaaMai brings a smile to everyones face at Elephant Nature Park

Chana's family was quite excited to be going to the river again at the end of the day, and it…Read More

Update on MuayLek: A trip to the river with Chana’s family and FaaMai at Elephant Nature Park

MuayLek the newly rescued elephant visits the river at elephant nature park

Just the day after the traumatised young elephant arrived at Elephant Nature Park, MuayLek is being shown how to relax…Read More

Elephant Chana Opens The Gate And Leads the Herd To Bathe in the River

Chana opens the gate and leads her friends to bathe in the river at Elephant Nature Park

Chana, the youngest member of this family, is incredibly clever. She has a keen sense for the routines at Elephant…Read More

Elephants protect a baby while she sleeps during a rain storm

Elephant family protect baby elephant chana in the rain at elephant nature park

This is another touching video, showing an elephant family gathering closely around a baby elephant at Elephant Nature Park as…Read More

Kabu watches her 3 friends play in the river – The conversation is amazing

Kabu watches her 3 friends playing in the river

Sunlight penetrates the clouds above, and a buoyant nature overwhelms these playful three - Chana, Ploythong, and Saithong rush to…Read More

Lunch time relaxation at Elephant Nature Park – ThaiKoon, Tilly & Khampuan take a swim

Lunch time relaxation at Elephant Nature Park

Every day after lunch, ThaiKoon and her two friends, Tilly and Khampuan, will walk to bathe in the river. A…Read More

Chana, Kabu, PloyThong and SaiThong, the new beautiful family at Elephant Nature Park


On January 2019, the new girl arrived the park. Her name is Chana, the 8 years old girl who has…Read More

Chana bring love and light to Kabu and Ploy Thong.


Chana, although one of her hind legs was broken, it has not restricted her of such complete enjoyment of life.…Read More

Ploythong, the blind elephant was accepted to join with Chana and Kabu.


We rescued Ploy Thong from Pattaya elephant camp in Feb 2018. She has both eyes blind. She transported tourists every…Read More

Kabu has fun with her new friend baby elephant a Chana at Elephant Nature Park

Kabu has fun with her new friend baby elephant a Chana at Elephant Nature Park

As with most captive-bred elephants, Kabu had her young taken from her a long time ago. Her son died and…Read More

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