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Kabu has fun with her new friend baby elephant a Chana at Elephant Nature Park

As with most captive-bred elephants, Kabu had her young taken from her a long time ago. Her son died and her daughter now works in the trekking industry. Deprived of that rich blessing, and herself forced to pull logs from the forest, she became isolated from her own kind and suffered. Even in the Park, after the rescue, she remained aloof, connecting little with others.

That was until Save Elephant Foundation were able to rescue a young girl named Chana to Elephant Nature Park. Chana is 8 years old and has a badly broken leg. Kabu was smitten, and a wellspring of caring opened up inside her. Kabu opened her heart to Chana, following her everywhere and protecting her as her own. They enjoy the mud immensely and Kabu takes great pleasure in exploring the Park with her new daughter. This video will make your heart smile.



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