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Elephant Chana Opens The Gate And Leads the Herd To Bathe in the River

Chana, the youngest member of this family, is incredibly clever. She has a keen sense for the routines at Elephant Nature Park and instinctively predicts when the caretaker intends to take them to the river.

Instead of waiting for her mahout’s call, she takes matters into her own hands. Chana opens the gate to their lunchtime feeding area by herself and leads her friends to the bathing area after they have finished lunch.

At the riverside, their joy knows no bounds, as they play and explore their freedom and life in this elephant sanctuary. They have moments of lighthearted chit-chat and moments of exploration as they climb up the mountainside across the river. Their exhilaration is evident as they freely swim and run, their joyful shouts filling the air.

This is the life of elephants that you can witness at Elephant Nature Park !




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