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Date of Birth

6 April 2013



Age at Rescue

Born at ENP

Rescue Location

Rescue Date

Herd / Friends


DokMai at Elephant Nature Park

Our sweet girl, DokMai was born in April 6, 2013. She weighed in at a whopping 113 kg and stood almost a meter tall at birth. She is DokNgern’s second child born into freedom at Elephant Nature Park. DokMai has an older brother named Chang Yim. She will never have her spirit broken and will never be separated from her mother.

DokMai is very smart, confident, curious and playful. Her favorite companion is her junior nanny FaaMai and now DokMai is a lovely sister to her little brother DokRak.

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A Recipe for satisfaction – Mud Therapy expertly demonstrated by DokNgern

A Recipe for satisfaction expertly demonstrated by DokNgern at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

The herd of Buathong, DokMai, ThongJan, and Dokngern enjoyed a mud bath after the rain today, relishing the effects of…Read More

Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd?

Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

Earlier this year, baby elephant LekLek and mother MohLoh were rescued from the Omkoi District of Chiang Mai by Save…Read More

Mother & daughter time!

Mother & daughter time!

Elephants love to play in the river at Elephant Nature Park. DokMai and her mother DokNgern enjoy the swollen Mae…Read More

Happy Birthday to DokMai and FaaMai


Two of our beautiful girl's Birthdays this month - DokMai on April 6th (she is now ten years old), and…Read More

Baby ThongAe and DokMai running and playing cheerfully.


Girls enjoying their daily life playing together freely and happily. ThongAe and DokMai are best friends. They are surrounded by love of their elephant nannies and we see and feel it. We wish to send you a message of happiness from our herd to lighten your day in these troubled times.

Happy Birthday our “Queen of the flowers” – Our sweet girl DokMai was born in April 6, 2013.


Happy Birthday our “Queen of the flowers” You deserve all the love and happiness. You are the sweetest girl ever!…Read More

Elephant Of The Week : DokNgern

DokNgern is mean "Silver Flower"

DokNgern was rescued in December 2006 from an elephant show and street begging. Like all captive working elephants, DokNgern had…Read More

Baby elephant DokMai is showing FaaMai that she can do the balancing by herself.


Look at baby elephant DokMai, she is doing the elephant balance on the log. FaaMai is the best trainer, she…Read More

Ponsawan, Yindee, Dokmai are greeting Dok Ngern and welcome her to be a new member at Elephant Nature Park.


We are really glad to see Ponsawan, Dok mai and Yindee could accept Dok Ngern. All of them greeting each…Read More

Baby elephant Dok Mai and her cousin, Yindee are catching the rope. This is their great time to play together at Elephant Nature Park.


The two years old baby elephants, Dok Mai and Yindee are having a great time to play with each other.…Read More

Happy Birthday !!! baby elephant Dokmai.


Today is wonderful baby elephant Dokmai's 2nd Birthday. Thank you to Mae Dok Ngern, her mother who brought us a…Read More

Baby Elephants enjoy a great time together in the river.


KhunDej wants to spend time with the elephant whose age is similar, but Navaan is too strong and play really…Read More

DokMai, our queen of the flowers is blooming at Elephant Nature Park


DokMai is 1.8 years old  and  enjoying drinking breast milk from Mae Dok Ngern while her nanny, FaaMai, also nurses…Read More

Yindee feel safe and happy amongst his nannies


Yindee is very happy and feel comfortable to be around with all nannies, Dokmai, Faasai and Jampaa. Look at his…Read More

Watching the herd just make our weekend full of smile and happy^^


A baby "Yindee" loves to spend his time with the family, bathing in the river and playing in the mud.…Read More

Living at ENP- July 2014


The family group of FaaMai, DokMai and their nannies , are the most friendly group and can join with every…Read More

Elephant play ground


When elephants are happy anything around them can be opportunity to enjoy, even the old log in the middle of…Read More

When Navaan meet Dokmai.


Baby elephant play fight. Baby elephants in the wild usually play fight with each other. Watch them do the same…Read More

Living At ENP : 22-6-14


Just want to share the picture of our herd activity update .Hope you have a great day. Family relax in…Read More

Mahout at Elephant Nature Park


Taking care of elephants is not easy without mahout . They are the important group who help us to look…Read More

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