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Chana bring love and light to Kabu and Ploy Thong.

Chana, although one of her hind legs was broken, it has not restricted her of such complete enjoyment of life. She is always bright and beautiful. Chana is the light of her two nannies, Ploy Thong and Kabu. Ploy Thong has both eyes blind, she arrived at ENP with fear and did not trust everything. With shyness and fearful, she had no confidence to go to the river to swim, or playing as other elephants.
Kabu is the one of our handicapped elephants who came from a logging camp and got injury at her leg since she was a young child, she also never trust anyone. Kabu typically does not like to be disturbed. Her life has been very difficult. But when both elder elephants had the company of Chana, their demeanor and attitude changed to benefit them all. They became gentle and relaxed without panic, they walk with confidence to different places follow Chana direction.
Chana is their compass home and though young, she is the one who discovers the happy way to fill their lives with meaning and joy. Chana is their inspiration to bring change, making Ploythong and Kabu see hope for their future. Love always heal.

See how the three elephants enjoy their freedom at Elephant Nature Park. 

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