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19 November 2014

Herd / Friends


BaanYen was born around 1950. She started her working life as a logging elephant and was finally rescued after two decades of giving rides to tourists in a trekking camp.

BaanYen was thin and had many abscesses on her body when she was rescued. With proper care, it did not take her long to recover and gain weight and energy. Initially, she became friends with another elephant rescued at a similar time named Jaem Sai and they would spend time roaming freely together in the sanctuary.

BaanYen then became a doting grandma to youngsters Thong Ae and Jenny. The youngsters help BaanYen stay young and she can often be found playing in the river and overseeing the play of Thong Ae and Jenny.

Baanyen (บานเย็น)
Meet the elephant Baanyen (บานเย็น) at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

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