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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

37 Years Old

Rescue Location

Cambodia Logging Industry

Rescue Date

9 January 2017

Herd / Friends

Solitary Female

After a life in the logging industry, DiPloh was rescued from Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia, and came to live at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in February 2017, along with a younger elephant named Sarai Mia.

When DiPloh first arrived at CWS she took very long excursions, which was great to see but not safe for her, because she would walk beyond the safety of our extensive boundary. She has since settled more into her sanctuary home and is very content to forage on our beautiful grasslands and forest.

DiPloh is in her early 40’s and is quite an independent elephant. At this time, she is solitary in nature, not seeking the company of the other resident elephants at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Di Poh
Di Poh

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