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How You Can Help Elephants

Other ways to Help Elephants

  1. Visit the park, or tell your family and friends that they are welcome to visit our website and park., or sign up as a volunteer
  2. Follow us, Tweet and share our activities on our social network community.
  3. Donate direct to Save Elephant Foundation
  4. Serengeti Foundation has helped Elephant Nature Park since our inception. US residents may click to Donate here via Serengeti Foundation and claim 501(c) tax relief.
  5. Let people at home know that there are only 30,000 Asian Elephants left on the planet. (Imagine this in human terms, as under a third of a sports stadium crowd)
  6. Do not support elephant poachers by buying ivory or skin products whether allegedly legally obtained or not . Demand causes death to these innocent creatures.
  7. Write a story for your local newspapers describing the plight of the elephant and how we can all assist in their survival
  8. Order something from the Save Elephant Foundation online shop – all proceeds help.
  9. Sponsor an Animal at our park and beyond
  10. Buy some of our ENP Coffee (USA Direct ordering and subscriptions)
  11. Help fulfill our wish list

More about how we are funded and the relationship between Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation can be found here…

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