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Chompu and MuayLek embraced and protected by a true family

Tell me which you deem preferable, and then I will know the future of captive elephants. Is it a life lived in fear, under a hook with fear of pain, to instill behaviors that are ignoble and unnatural ? Is this what the tourist wants ?

It is time to take responsibility for our actions as a tourist, and generally, as a species. Educate ourselves in the conditions prevalent for our enjoyment ! Are we entertained by suffering ?!

If no, then magnify the role of sanctuary and care ! Your voice matters. Be incensed ! The life of an elephant is one which is lived in communion with others. I hope that you enjoy this family group of Chana, with the younger ones, MuayLek and ChomPu, embraced and protected by a true family. This should be the life of every working elephant !

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