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Thank you for your interest in Elephant Nature Park and our projects.

If you have a query about visiting it may well be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions or Terms and Conditions sections.

If you simply want to know starting times or if a date is available go to the Visit & Volunteer page:

  • Choose the Type of Visit you are interested in
  • Click on the Book Now! link
  • Select a date from the drop down calendar which only shows ‘Available Dates’.

There is now no need to confirm if you have made no changes to your original booking.

If you need to contact us, please select the correct form below:

ONLY use this form to advise on updates or changes MORE that 4 days before your trip date. No changes are possible 4 or less days before your trip date

If  you are making changes to an existing booking please use the form below. Note that trip type switches are not possible and fees for any acceptable date changes apply:

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            Elephant Nature Park

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