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About Us

Located in Northern Thailand, Elephant Nature Park is a leading elephant rescue and rehabilitation center, established by the esteemed elephant rights advocate, Saengduean Chailert, known as Lek. As the first elephant sanctuary of its kind in Asia, the park has rescued and cared for elephants who were once subjected to cruel practices such as street begging, elephant riding, and circus shows. Many of these elephants have suffered both physical and psychological injuries.

At Elephant Nature Park, our herds include blind, crippled, orphaned, and senior elephants who have been given the opportunity to live freely in natural surroundings, where they are treated with love and respect. Our educational programs aim to raise awareness among visitors about the challenges facing the endangered Asian elephant and the importance of protecting this keystone species.

Beyond being an elephant sanctuary, the park also houses hundreds of other rescued animals such as dogs, cats, horses, buffalo, cows, pigs, birds, goats, and more. At Elephant Nature Park, we believe in promoting a harmonious relationship between humans and animals, and our work is founded on the principles of compassion and empathy.

Thank you for considering Elephant Nature Park as a destination for your next visit, and for supporting our mission to protect and care for these magnificent creatures. We look forward to welcoming you to our sanctuary and sharing our love and respect for elephants and all animals with you.

Compassion for All Animals

Save Elephant Foundation has been working to improve the lives of elephants in Southeast Asia for many years… but that is not all we do. We provide a safe haven to many other rescued animals including dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, buffalo, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and more…


100+ Rescued Elephants



1600+ Rescued Cats



100+ Rescued Buffalo



100+ Rescued Goats



700+ Rescued Dogs


130+ Rescued Cows



400+ Rescued Rabbits


Rescued Boars

150+ Rescued Boars



And Many More Rescued Animals…

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