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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

8 Years Old

Rescue Location

Street Begging and Circus Performance

Rescue Date


Herd / Friends


Saree can be translated to mean “Freedom”.

She was born around 2006. Saree was taken from her mother when she was only one year old and she was forced to be a street begging elephant.

Imagine, how do you feel when you was dragged away from your mother and you will never see her again. This is such a huge distress. To be separated from the mother at a very young age, means the essential nutrients for her growth was not received and Saree is therefore smaller in size than other elephants her age.

Despite this, she was went through severe training schedules to perform circus routines.

Whilst in captivity, Saree was chased by someone on a rare day that she had not been chained. She stumbled, fell and dislocated her hip.

Because of this terrible experience, Saree thereafter appeared very irritable to humans.

Saree was rescued to the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park in November 2014 by an Australian Robyn Wearne who donated the funds to Save Elephant Foundation so that Saree could begin her new life at Elephant Nature Park.

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