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Elephant of the Week 17 July 2023: Kabu

Kabu had a horrible life by the time that we rescued her at 28 years old. As a youngster born to a logging mother, she would follow her mother into the mountain where she worked so that she could nurse. It’s a dangerous environment and a labor rife with abuse.

A logged rolled and dislocated the ankle of a 2 year old girl. It took her a long and painful time to recover, and in the meanwhile dislocating her shoulder learning to walk again. As she grew up, eventually she was trained harshly to follow in the footsteps of her mother. She became a logging elephant, despite her physical infirmity.

She was also force bred, giving birth to a boy, who as time passed, died after pajaan, and a girl who was sold away to become a trekking elephant.

When Save Elephant Foundation rescued her at 28 she was pulling logs from the forest. Her life changed dramatically that day ! Her life at Elephant Nature Park has had a lot of twists and turns with friends here and then there and then nanny and then alone until finally nanny again and then again. She is devout to Chana and that family, including Nanny Ploythong and half sister of Kabu, Saithong.

Recently, there was a new arrival at Elephant Nature Park – a little girl named MuayLek ♥️ FaaMai initially caught her attention, but she also spends much of her day with Kabu. Kabu loves her and follows wherever she might go, but at a pace that her condition affords. We are so happy for Kabu !

Here is a short clip Darrick was able to record of Kabu and a new friend ♥️

There is more to read about Kabu here…


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