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Chana, Kabu, PloyThong and SaiThong, the new beautiful family at Elephant Nature Park

On January 2019, the new girl arrived the park. Her name is Chana, the 8 years old girl who has broken leg. Seven months before her arrival to Elephant Nature Park, Chana had an accident. After a short while at the hospital, she came home to stay with the owner. She still showed pain to walk. At the house of Chana’s owner, there was not much space and they also had to work at their farm, having no time for the injured young girl. Chana was chained most of the time. Finally they contacted us to help and to take Chana for her treatment and social contact. Chana came to us at the right time and fulfilled Kabu’s life. It was a heartwarming moment to see Kabu adore the younger elephant.

The story of Chana before she came to Elephant Nature Park.

After 3 months living at ENP, Cha-na was accepted by Kabu. Kabu arrived to Elephant Nature Park on September 2015. Her mother was a logging elephant. She had to go with her mom while she pushed and pulled logs. At two years old, a log rolled out of control and struck Kabu, breaking her front left wrist. It healed badly and left her very handicapped. Despite this, when she was old enough, she was also put to work in logging doing light labour. She was also subjected to forced breeding. Kabu had two babies, neither of which she was allowed to keep for very long. One was a bull, who died soon after his spirit was broken. The other a female who was sold into the trekking industry. Her heart was broken, her leg was dislocated. When she arrived to the park she prefer to stay alone, dis not connect with the others. Until Chana, a girl who has badly broken leg arrived the park, Kabu open her heart, she takes care the girl as her own daughter and follows Chana everywhere. Both of them spend times in the pool, enjoy mud bath and walk together.

Kabu open her heart, she takes care the girl as her own daughter and follows Chana everywhere.

Two years later, Chana and Kabu have adopted Ploy Thong, one of our blind elephants.

We rescued Ploy Thong from Pattaya elephant camp in Feb 2018. When she first arrived at the Park, there was an immediate infatuation between FaaMai and Ploythong. For a couple of weeks, FaaMai tried hard to admit her to the family, but it became apparent that senior members in the group were not having that. Though it was hard, we decided to settle her in with other friends.

We introduced her to Saree and Meesook who lived across the river. It was a good match up and they spent happy years together. Meesook and Ploythong became very close. Saree also liked her. We don’t understand the reason behind changing friendship, but we must manage the fact. Ploythong was pushed away and abandoned by them. We began to introduce Ploy Thong to other groups, but she was reticent and fearful. She desperately needed a friend who could be her eyes and guide her kindly.

We introduced Ploy Thong to Chana and Kabu but as expected, Kabu did not accept and offered no friendly welcome. We decided to attempt a pairing by placing them in adjacent shelters. Elephants love to talk, and often night conversations can overcome a multitude of assumptions.

After a while, when Chana accepted Ploythong, Kabu eventually did as well.

Chana, Kabu and Ploy Thong.

Chana brings love and light to Kabu and PloyThong.

On 13 May 2022, the owner of the elephant named Sai Thong, old name Sroy Thong brought their elephant from Surin for us to care for her, as they could no longer bear the burden of raising this elephant. Sai Thong, previously Soi Thong, is an 13 year old. Her story is the same as many of the Surin elephants at Khun Chai Thong Village.  Her owner had little land to plant grass and when the drought came, that which was planted died. Due to lack of space in Surin to raise a youngster into an adult, the owner wanted Saithong and Chana to be together.

Chana and Sai Thong grew up together. They are half sisters, with the same father but different mother. When they both were young, Saithong and Chana were led by their owners to wander the streets, begging for a living. Then Chana broke her leg, she was moved to ENP for treatment. She lives with us still, together with her nannies, Ploythong and Kabu. Saithong has been alone at home in Surin since then. She is under GG’s foster parents program. The two sisters were separated. Now they are together again after several years apart. When Saithong arrived, she was excited about her new space and new home. Chana also was excited and remembered her sister well ! Chana was very happy. She tried to lead Saithong to explore different areas, and attempted to convince her two nannies, Kabu and Ploythong, to accept Sai Thong into their family.

Chana and her beautiful family.

Chana, Kabu, PloyThong and SaiThong join together as a beautiful family

We hope they thrive their relationship and hope Kabu adjust to live with the new member. At Elephant Nature Park, we let elephants live on their own terms and select the member of family by them self and we’ve witnessed many of our elephants who came from the different places join together as family even they are not blood relatives. We’ve seen and learnt that elephants always share their love and they have beautiful bond with each other. Love has unbelievable healing powers.

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