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Date of Birth

11 Nov 2000



Age at Rescue

5 Years Old

Rescue Location

Surin Elephant Show

Rescue Date

Nov 2005

Herd / Friends

SriNuan / MalaiTong

DokNgern’s name can be translated to mean Silver Flower. She was born in 2000 in Surin, and has spent part of her young life working in Pattaya as a street begging elephant. Her owner decided to teach her more tricks in order to bring in more money, so she was sent to elephant training school. The training was painful and resulted in many scars.

In November 2005, a team from Elephant Nature Park spotted DokNgern at the elephant festival in Surin. She was bleeding and looked very sad. DokNgern was displaying the agitated swaying motions typical of traumatized captive elephants. When Lek approached her in an attempt to help, she would not accept food. Scars on her forehead are evidence of physical abuse, yet this sort of behaviour shows the signs of deeper emotional and psychological scaring. Antoinette van de Water was also present at the festival. She resolved to buy DokNgern as part of Bring the Elephant HOME, a project which involved bringing two elephants across Thailand to Elephant Nature Park, while educating people about their plight along the way. This project also involved the purchase of a banana plantation, to provide for the elephants’ sustainable future. So DokNgern, along with an older elephant SriNuan, Antoinette’s team, and two mahouts from Elephant Nature Park, began their journey towards freedom at the end of 2005. Upon DokNgern’s arrival at the park in January 2006, she was greeted with fanfare and celebration.

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A Recipe for satisfaction – Mud Therapy expertly demonstrated by DokNgern

A Recipe for satisfaction expertly demonstrated by DokNgern at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

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Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd?

Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

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Elephant of the Week 7 August 2023: Elephant Ambassador FaaMai

Elephant of the Week 7 August 2023: FaaMai - The Ambassador at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

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Mother & daughter time!

Mother & daughter time!

Elephants love to play in the river at Elephant Nature Park. DokMai and her mother DokNgern enjoy the swollen Mae…Read More

Elephant Of The Week : DokNgern

DokNgern is mean "Silver Flower"

DokNgern was rescued in December 2006 from an elephant show and street begging. Like all captive working elephants, DokNgern had…Read More

Baby elephant Dok Rak tasting his first mothers milk

Dok Rak was born at Elephant Nature Park on 27th April 2016

Baby elephant Dok Rak tasting milk from his mother just five hours when he arrived into the world.

Welcome the newborn, Dok Rak to ENP


From Lek Chailert: To our dear friends, we are delighted to share with you the news that, this morning at…Read More

Ponsawan, Yindee, Dokmai are greeting Dok Ngern and welcome her to be a new member at Elephant Nature Park.


We are really glad to see Ponsawan, Dok mai and Yindee could accept Dok Ngern. All of them greeting each…Read More

Behind the scene


Here's the photo and only a few of hundreds I took of the action of Dok Ngern, the teenage mother,…Read More

Mud Fun collection


Safe and freedom can bring all happy and life always fun. The elephant are the same , if they feel…Read More

Baby Girl Born at Park


A new baby girl was born at the Park- from Dok Ngern and she did not show signs of pregnancy.…Read More



Her owner decided to teach her more tricks in order to bring in more money, so she was sent to…Read More

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