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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

16 Years Old

Rescue Location

Chiang Mai Elephant Show

Rescue Date

11th August 2021

Herd / Friends


Bunma and her four month old baby Chaba were rescued from an elephant riding and show camp. Here Buman was forced to do elephant shows where she rode a bike, hula hooped, painted and gave rides. She was a part of the breeding program and gave birth to Chaba ay 17th around 9pm of 2021.

She was living in a small concert pin and she was on a short chain with Chaba. We learned of their poor living conditions, and bad health. We negotiated their rescue. On August 11th we rescued Bunma and Chaba.

Bunma refused to get onto the truck so we decided to walk mom and baby to Elephant Nature Park. After the thirty minute  walk they arrived at Elephant Nature Park to a special welcome home cake and have been slowly adjusting to the park. They are both doing well.

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Our recent rescued elephants, baby Chaba and her mother, Bunma. Their life changed after a few days living at Elephant Nature Park.

On August 8th, 2021 our founder, Lek Chailert was contacted by an elephant camp owner to help rescue a mother…Read More

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