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Date of Birth

24 August 2013



Age at Rescue

Born at ENP

Rescue Location

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Yindee at Elephant Nature Park

Male elephant Yindee was born at 00.20am on the 24th August 2013.  The newborn was a healthy 108.30 kilograms, 97 centimeters tall and 99 centimeters long.

His mother is the young female elephant, Mintra. She is a former street begging elephant who was hit by a car when she was just 4 years old.

She was very sociable, and enjoyed and encouraged the attention of both Hope and Jungle boy. So, one of these young male elephant is the father of Yindee.

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Happy 8th birthday, our beautiful boy Yindee.


Eight years have just flown by for Yindee, our handsome young bull ! On 25 August 2013, this day eight…Read More

Our herd has started to grow bigger, MaeKoi and Maliwan join Yindee’s herd.


Save Elephant Foundation received contact from MaeKoi and Maliwan's owner, who lived in Koh Chang (located around 300 kilometres east…Read More

Our beautiful old lady Jampaa the nanny of Yindee passed away peacefully at her forever home.


Mae Jampaa was born around 1954 and her name means ‘Magnolia’. She is an old blind logging/trekking elephant rescued in…Read More

Elephant Of The Week : Yindee

Yindee loves to run around the park while he is carrying a tyre

Yindee is Mintra’s first baby, his name is mean ” Pleasure”. He was born at 00.20am on the 24th August…Read More

Elephant of the week – Ponsawan, the number one nanny of Yindee


Number one nanny of Yindee, Ponsawan doesn't let her past get her down. Although she endured a landmine injury before…Read More

Baby elephant Yindee and Navaan are showing their bull instinct


Navaan is 3 years and 5 months, Yindee is 2 years and 7 months. Both baby elephants born at Elephant…Read More

Happy Birthday baby elephant Yindee


Yindee is mean "pleasure". He is Mintra's first baby, was born on 24th August 2013. Now he is 2 years…Read More

Ponsawan, Yindee, Dokmai are greeting Dok Ngern and welcome her to be a new member at Elephant Nature Park.


We are really glad to see Ponsawan, Dok mai and Yindee could accept Dok Ngern. All of them greeting each…Read More

Baby elephant Dok Mai and her cousin, Yindee are catching the rope. This is their great time to play together at Elephant Nature Park.


The two years old baby elephants, Dok Mai and Yindee are having a great time to play with each other.…Read More

Baby Yindee was secured by his nannies while they are playing in the river.


While Yindee swimming in the river, his nannies always put him in the middle of them to secure but sometime…Read More

Baby Yindee is learning the elephant natural healing from his family.


As usually Yindee and his family enjoyed a nice cool swim in the river at this afternoon. Little Yindee is…Read More

Baby elephant Yindee are growing happily with the loves from his herd and his mahout.


Yindee was born in August, 2013 and now he is 1 year and 7 months. His mother is the young…Read More

Elephant of the week, Yindee the baby elephant who was born with pleasure


Yindee is Mintra's first baby, his name is mean " Pleasure". He was born at 00.20am on the 24th August…Read More

Naughty baby elephants are playing like a naughty boy


Yindee and Navaan spent the whole day as the boy who love to play. Sometimes they play too rough. All…Read More

Yindee feel safe and happy amongst his nannies


Yindee is very happy and feel comfortable to be around with all nannies, Dokmai, Faasai and Jampaa. Look at his…Read More

Yindee and the herd are curious what is mahout doing


Our mahout want to learn and follow Global March for Elephants and Rhinos and all of them so happy to…Read More

Watching the herd just make our weekend full of smile and happy^^


A baby "Yindee" loves to spend his time with the family, bathing in the river and playing in the mud.…Read More

Learning to deal the hardships. What an elephant can teach us.


After an horrific land mine injury Ponsawan, dedicated her life to Yindee. Everyday she spends loving time with baby Yindee.…Read More

Living at ENP- July 2014


The family group of FaaMai, DokMai and their nannies , are the most friendly group and can join with every…Read More

Living At ENP


When Navann meet with Yindee , the two boy spend long hours to play later both of them tired and…Read More

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