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Baby elephant Yindee are growing happily with the loves from his herd and his mahout.

Yindee was born in August, 2013 and now he is 1 year and 7 months. His mother is the young female elephant, Mintra. She is a former street begging elephant who was hit by a car when she was just 4 years old. She is very sociable, she has enjoyed and encouraged the attention of both Hope and Jungle boy. So, one of these young male elephant is the father of Yindee.

Malai Tong and Mae Jampaa are the best friend of Mintra, this is not surprised us that both of them need to be the nanny of Yindee. All of the sweetie  family are roam free out side now and they have a happily bonding with each other.

Not only loves and caring from mom and nannies, Yindee also has a closed relationship with his mahout, his name is porn. Look at the pictures then you will see how much they love each other. It can show you that if we give love then we can get love for sure, even they are the animal and they cannot talk but their reaction is better than words. Do you agree ?
























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