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Naughty baby elephants are playing like a naughty boy

Yindee and Navaan spent the whole day as the boy who love to play. Sometimes they play too rough. All the time that they play it is always in the eye sight of both nannies, especially Ponsawan. When Navaan plays rough, then the little spoiled Yindee screams for his Nanny to come to help. Ponsawan runs in between them and smacks the ground and growls to warn Navaan. It seems Navaan doesn’t want to get kicked out and he wants to carry on to play with little Yindee, so he changes the plan to be the big brother and tries to be gentle to Yindee, by laying down to let Yindee climb and to use him as a play ground. It’s so wonderful to see the baby elephants play with care and it makes all of us who stand around fulfill our heart with smile.

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