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Happy 8th birthday, our beautiful boy Yindee.

Eight years have just flown by for Yindee, our handsome young bull ! On 25 August 2013, this day eight years ago, you came into this world, and ever since then, you have been a source of joy to us and your family. May you continue to be a blessing (to many). Have a wonderful celebration, sweetheart. We are pleased to witness that delight, growing up into a life of freedom, with no harm in his way nor unnatural labors before him. Yindee, our charming laddie, Happy Birthday !


Special birthday cake our staff made for the handsome boy, Yindee.


Yindee is very happy with his birthday cake.


Pornsawan always stay close to Yindee.


Yindee shared his birthday cake with nanny Pornsawan.


Yindee always a nice boy to his nanny Pornsawan.


Yindee and Pornsawan enjoyed fruits cake together.


Yindee is Mintra’s first baby, his name is mean ” Pleasure”. The newborn was a healthy 108.30 kilograms, 97 centimeters tall and 99 centimeters long. His mother is the young female elephant, Mintra. She is a former street begging elephant who was hit by a car when she was just 4 years old. She is very sociable, she has enjoyed and encouraged the attention of both Hope and Jungle boy. So, one of these young male elephant is the father of Yindee. Her first day with her newborn was a bit difficult because of Mintra still depress from the birth pain . Our vet and mahout helped to take the milk from Mintra to give to the baby.


Mintra gave birth to Yindee on 25 Aug 2013.


Baby Yindee and his mother, Mintra.


Sweet Yindee when he was almost 1 year and his number one nanny, Pornsawan.


Yindee when he was one and a half year old.


Yindee and Navaan spent the whole day as the boy playing together.


Yindee played with Dok Mai ( when he was 2 years old).


Yindee 2 years old.


Yindee 3 years old.


Yindee 4 years old.


Yindee 5 years old, living happily with his family.


Yindee 6 years old, he loves his toy.



Yindee 7 years old.
When entering adolescence, male elephants typically begin to change their behavior. From cute little boys, sooner than late, they become demonstrative and aggressive, and if in the company of mother and nannies, particularly annoying. Over the past two weeks, Yindee has begun to act too rough with the old females in his family, sometimes using his tusks and growing strength to push hard, forcing them to their knees. He also has sometimes been pushed away by his nanny, Grandma Si Pai, the senior nanny in that group keeps him distance from the others, tired of the effort and avoiding the conflict.
At the same time, Pon Sawan who is Yindee’s number one nanny, remains close to the boy in spite of his poor behavior. She always there to take care her boy. She loves him so much that’s why she tolerates his abuse. She can’t resist to the one she has sworn to protect. She never far away and follows him wherever he roams. She is his playmate and provide him her best comfort. The bonds between elephants are so remarkable ! Their love for one another is exemplary.
How you can help to support our elephants:  Elephant’s Fruits Bucket  or  Contribution to Elephant Nature Park
Yindee and the herd enjoy their favorite meal. 


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