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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

17 Years Old

Rescue Location

Illegal Logging

Rescue Date

August 2011

Herd / Friends

Yindee’s Herd

Ponsawan was born around 1994. Her name means blessing from heaven. She was rescued in August 2011 from illegal logging. Ponsawan finally arrived to Elephant Nature Park in early June 2014.

Ponsawan had been working hauling logs in the forest all day and began foraging for food when she stepped on a landmine. She was working in a very remote area and it took her and the mahout many days to get to an area with a main road where a truck could meet them to transport her to a hospital.

She stayed at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center government hospital for three years while she recovered.

She was then rescued to start her sanctuary life at Elephant Nature Park, Ponsawan is number one nanny to Yindee and enjoys the company of her other herd mates. She is fiercely protective of Yindee and very devoted to her herd.

Ponsawan gets around very well despite her injury and has a long life of happiness ahead of her.


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Elephant Friends Enjoy the swollen river at Elephant Nature Park

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