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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

21 Years Old

Rescue Location

Phuket Zoo

Rescue Date

11 August 2020

Herd / Friends

Ram Ruay

TangMo is a female elephant who was just two years old when she was taken to Phuket Zoo over 20 years ago.

At the zoo, TangMo was forced to “dance” to music, “play” musical instruments, and perform various other tricks for the dubious entertainment of tourists. The lengthy shows were held up to three times a day and Tang Mo was required to perform under the constant threat of a sharp “bullhook”.

She was rescued on the August 11, 2020 to her forever home at Elephant Nature Park after an arduous 32 hour journey on a truck.

Since her arrival at ENP, she has adjusted well to her new sanctuary life and has developed a beautiful relationship with RumRoi who was rescued from an elephant riding camp around the same time as TangMo. The two best friends roam freely together throughout the sanctuary and help each other to heal from the trauma of their past.

Tang Mo
Tang Mo

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