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Happy Birthday our “Queen of the flowers” – Our sweet girl Dok Mai was born in April 6, 2013.

Happy Birthday our “Queen of the flowers” You deserve all the love and happiness. You are the sweetest girl ever! we are sending you all the love in the world on your birthday.

Our sweet girl, Dok Mai was born in April 6, 2013. She weighed in at a whopping 113 kg and stood almost a meter tall at birth. She is Dok Ngern’s second child born into freedom at Elephant Nature Park. Dok Mai has an older brother named Chang Yim. She will never have her spirit broken and will never be separated from her mother.

Dok Mai is very smart, confident, curious and playful. Her favorite companion is her junior nanny Faa Mai and now Dok Mai is a lovely sister to her little brother Dok Rak.


Dok Mai new born.


DokMai, Faamai and Lucky played at the soft dirt pile on 2014


DokMai tried to wake up FaaMai – 25 August 2014


DokMai, FaaMaiand and ThongJaan


DokMai and FaaMai played in the field – 23 November 2014


DokMai rolled on the soft mud – 26 December 2014


DokRak climbing on DokMai


DokMai loves her little brother DokRak



DokMai with her smiling


DokMai sharing her birthday cake with her family.


Everyone in family enjoy DakMai’s birthday cake.












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