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Update by Save Elephant Foundation on the Rescue of SanMueng and TangMo

Once again we would like to re-post a story from a while ago, first published on Facebook 16 September 2020 by Save Elephant Foundation

It is common after most rescues to receive them to our project carrying a lifetime of trauma. San Meung is not alone in his initial disoriented condition. Almost all experience some degree of stress-related behavior, some far more than others. His eyes still show empty.

When SanMueng arrived at Elephant Nature Park, he seemed very surprised. He scrambled to get off the truck , and when his feet touched the ground, he trumpeted so loud.

After bringing TangMo to meet with him, at first he seemed happy, but a short while later, he seemed to lose interest. Our team stays close to observe him, to understand and help him. He is now more calm, but still shows trauma, eyes always downcast.

We hope that time , love and care will bring SanMeung back to be a playful young boy soon, as healing did for Gluay Hom not so long ago.

Thanks to all of you who helped to bring these beautiful lives, TangMo and SanMueang, back together.

Thanks immeasurably to the Trunks Up campaign. Thanks to the McCarthy family, Fiona Hardie, Future for Elephants, Karen Lund, Douglas and Catherine Barr, Ellen Cammarata, Team love and bananas Australia, Khun Meaw and friends, to all of you helping us to save these two lives, supporting transport and sheltering until the permission process was complete.

With hands and hearts united, we can overcome obstacles and accomplish great things.
Thank you




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