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Date of Birth




Age at Rescue

Around 30 years old

Rescue Location

Chiang Mai Trekking Camp

Rescue Date

7th June 2020

Herd / Friends

Baby WanMai & SriNuan

MaeMai and her five week old baby, WanMai were rescued from an elephant trekking camp in Chiang Mai on June 7, 2020. Prior to her rescue, MaeMai was required to provide rides to tourists at an elephant riding camp and made to join a forced breeding program within the camp.

Our founder visited the camp and found MaeMai & WanMai living in dreadful conditions. MaeMai was on an extremely short chain in a tiny concrete pen without adequate space to care for her newborn baby or access to sufficient food and water.

Since arriving at ENP, many of our resident elephants have approached MaeMai and WanMai trying their best to befriend the mother and become the new nanny to the little girl. Eventually, MaeMai selected our beautiful gentle giant, SriNuan as the nanny of WanMai.

MaeMai, WanMai & SriNuan are now inseparable, with mother and nanny sharing the responsibilities of caring for the adorable and playful WanMai.

Mae Mai
Mae Mai

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Congratulations to MaeMai who have received the prosthetic leg brace to support her injured leg.


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