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Mae Mai and Wan Mai The Elephants

Mae Mai:

Mae Mai is the 30 year old female mother of precious baby Wan Mai. Rescued on June 7th, after a difficult life in the tourist industry. Now she will be able to live in peace and harmony at Elephant Nature Park with her daughter by her side.

Wan Mai:

Baby Wan Mai (Whose name means New Day or new beginning) was born on May 2nd 2020, she was premature and although she is tiny she is very strong. Rescued, on June 7th along with her mother Mae Mai, from a future that was very cruel and bleak. Now, she will get to grow up safe and very happy at Elephant Nature Park.

When the new elephants who are rescued arrive at Elephant Nature Park, the residents will always come to greet and meet the ones who are new rescues.

The new born will be especially attractive to the resident elephants. A young baby will have a chance to choose the one who will be the nanny for her or him.

Such like Sri Nuan and other elephants, they present themselves to be the nanny for Wan Mai.

Wan Mai attracted many elephants. Finally, she has chosen Sri Nuan to be her nanny.

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