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Elephant of the Week 7 August 2023: Elephant Ambassador FaaMai

This week, we are so proud to highlight our beautiful Elephant Ambassador FaaMai.

She is often the critical link of fostering positive bonds between disparate groups of elephants. In this video, FaaMai can be seen bringing several groups together for a joint introduction.

Unlike many videos captured by the Save Elephant Foundation Media Team, in which we hear loud conversations and other background sounds, this very natural, peaceful video captures the tranquil atmosphere of the elephant sanctuary.

In essence, it reflects how FaaMai brings DokNgern, LekLek, MoLoh, Jenny and ThongAe together, with grace and ease.

We are blessed at Elephant Nature Park to have such a beautiful soul as FaaMai, the first born free elephant in the Park, who gladly shares her gentle winsome nature with others.

Truth said, FaaMai learned her best behaviors as an elephant ambassador from her true mother, Lek Chailert, for whom there is a never-ending bond.

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