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Update story of Saza, the old skinny elephant whom was rescued to Elephant Nature Park two months ago.

To dear friend of Saza. We would like to update you all for the pictures of Saza and proud to show you how our beautiful Saza looks like after a couple months since Khun NuNa Silpa-archa and her friends help us to rescue her to our sanctuary. With love and special care, we have made the big positive change to Saza. You may not believe this is the same elephant after you see the pictures before and after such short time. Elephants need love and appropriate care. Thanks to volunteers who help us every day to make special food for Saza and make her become the beautiful and healthy elephant again.


The picture of Saza took on 03rd August 2015.



Saza is having a great time with her new friend Jan Peng.



A couple weeks after she stay at ENP.



Saza at the first time when she arrived Elephant Nature Park.



Saza on first arrival at our sanctuary.



Saza at the first time we met her at the tour camp.



















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