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Elephant of the week 24 September 2023: Super Nanny Srinuan

Mae Srinuan is the biggest female elephant at Elephant Nature Park. She was rescued from Surin province in late 2005 and arrived at the park with DokNgern, who is now Srinuan’s adopted daughter. Srinuan started to work in the logging industry, then moved to the trekking business, and her last job was street begging. Her left eye is blind from a slingshot injury. She used to be forced to work without enough time to eat and she was chained up after work. One evening, she tried to escape to find the food. One man shot her with a slingshot that caused her left eye to blind. She could spend a happy time with her baby only for 8 months then the owner sold the baby to the Elephant Show in Phuket.


When she arrived at the park, she embraced her new family immediately. Not only is she the adoptive mother of DokNgern, she is also the auntie of Chang Yim, FaaMai, DokMai, and DokRak. And when Bunma and her baby Chaba first arrived she quickly moved to assist caring for Chaba.

In 2020 Srinuan introduced herself to be a nanny for baby Wanmai and her assistance was immediately accepted by her mother MaeMai.

Srinuan is a very easy going elephant, though quite protective of her family group. She is a super nanny and cares greatly for her herd.

To learn more about Srinuan and how you can support her at Elephant Nature Park please visit the link ;

SriNuan (ศรีนวล)

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