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Rescued Elephants MoLoh and LekLek update by our founder Lek

After a recent post about the difficulties of 2 newly rescued elephants settling into Elephant Nature Park, our founder Lek Chailert today made this observation:

LekLek and her mother, MoLoh, have been in the Park for some time now. It seemed likely that they would be absorbed beautifully into FaaMai’s family group. Affection for the youngster was obvious, but the mother and potential Nannies had issues with Mom. Who is to say ?! We accept and respect their behaviors towards one another.

Young nannies such as Faa Mai, Thong Ae, Jenny, Chana all try to establish a relationship with both Lek Lek and MoLoh. She is not a trusting elephant. She does not allow anyone to approach them and often takes her baby away. Her baby Lek Lek has learned to do the same, until recently.


Just look at who may become nanny to LekLek and MoLoh ❤️ The comfort levels are sound. Synergy speaks volumes. Our hearts are overwhelmed and hopeful here at Elephant Nature Park. Jokia, you are loved worldwide !

Jokia (โจเกีย)

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