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SookSai Presents Herself To Be A Nanny For Newly Rescued Baby Sa Ngae

There is a wonderful story to be seen in this video, showing the start of a relationship between a baby elephant Sa Ngae andan older elephant SookSai. Sa Ngae’s mother Mho Jae is constantly in the vicinity and lets her baby play with SookSai.

The story to be understood here is that SookSai is presenting herself to be a nanny for the baby and showing that she would like to bond with the family. It’s a tear jerking scene, a mature elephant prostrating themselves for a baby to touch them, climb on their body and be close.



SookSai clearly presents herself as an exceptional and caring nanny. She keeps a close eye on him always. When this possible relationship was first seen, SookSai was brought to stay in an adjacent overnight shelter next to Mho Jae & Sa Ngae and with a dividing wall of pillars between them, the boy could go back and forth between his 2 elders. Sa Ngae spends a lot of time with his new nanny. Mho Jae is getting used to having help in the care of her child. Potential conflicts between the elephants is dramatically reduced by this process of slow acceptance. It is our dedicated effort to find good friends and companions for newly rescued elephants at Elephant Nature Park.

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