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Fascinating Elephant Communication at Elephant Nature Park

This video reveals the instinctive behaviour of elephants and possibly realised even from an early age.

Baby elephant PyiMai was born at a Trekking Camp in Chiang Mai in November 2020. She was rescued by Save Elephant Foundation along with her mother Khamun (KhamMoon) and released into the freedom of sanctuary life at Elephant Nature Park.

At Elephant Nature Park, visitors can often see younger elephants being surrounded, guided, caressed and protected by other elephants.

This caring behaviour of elephants being attentive to the care and well being of other elephants, especially younger elephants we call Nanny Behaviour.

We can see in this video 3 things happening.

Firstly, PyiMai is being very playful and quite rough with Chaba, who is just 5 months younger. We then see the behaviour of a mature elephant moving in to calm the boisterous PyiMai and bring some protection to exhausted Chaba. Finally we see PyiMai change her behaviour, perhaps understanding the communication. Perhaps PyiMai is begining to sense that she can now be a nanny to a younger elephant, as she stands over Chaba with gentle checks being made on the younger one.

Elephant Communication is fascinating.

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