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Flashback Friday 28 July 2023: FaaSai Before her rescue and Now

In the fall of 2007, FaaSai was rescued by Save Elephant Foundation from a life of extreme harm. She was just a young girl 5 years old, separated from her mother and forced to perform in the circus. With a stubborn proud heart, she refused to comply, and she suffered more harm, shackled and beaten until the owner could do no more with her.

She came to us as an angry and aggressive elephant. She was so fortunate to find her life absorbed into and fostered by a large family group. FaaSai adapted well to this change of life and has become the caring nanny of many young elephants.

Always adventurous and intrepid, FaaSai has contributed so much to our family life in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

FaaSai is now about 20 years old, and with many years yet ahead of her, we anticipate marvelous events springing from the life that is distinctly her own. 🙏


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