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How the rescued elephant enjoy life in Elephant Nature Park

Mae Kheow Former Trekking Elephant Has The Sweetest Reaction To Their New Friend.
Mae Kheow endured many years as a trekking elephant, and the accompanying harm done to make her perform her subject duty. When she was rescued to Elephant Nature Park not so long ago, she was in quarantine for a couple of weeks. Our role at Save Elephant Foundation is to assist in the pairing of friendships. When she was cleared to roam free, we placed her in numerous locations and potentials for a positive relationship without success. It concerned us. Then we decided to try here with some older elephants up river near Khamla at our skywalk project. After just a few days of cautious integration, both TikTok and JimJim embraced her into their company. Now, she has new friends who have had a similar history. Mae Kheow’s nightmares are over. Good memories are being made every day with her new friends, TikTok and JimJim

Elephant Follow A Man Who Appears In The Evening With Bicycle
ThongAe is known for her attentive nature. She is always aware of her surroundings, constantly taking in the sights and sounds of the world around her. However, there is one particular human whom she adores – Darrick. Every day as the sun starts to set, ThongAe awaits the arrival of her second favorite person. Without fail, Darrick always appears on his bicycle, ready to play and spend time with the gentle giant. As soon as ThongAe spots him, she is filled with joy and excitement. She loves nothing more than following Darrick around and exploring the park together with her beloved friend at Elephant Nature Park.

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