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Our beautiful Mae Perm passed away, she is now living in peace .

From Lek Chailert : On my way to Bangkok I had an urgent call from Pom to tell me that our precious Mae Perm passed away this morning, and sleeps peaceful next to her beloved friend Jokia. Lately Mae Perm’s pace has slowed down, and we kept our eyes on her, watching her closely; she ate and drank normally, and still walked along to accompany her best friend Jokia to the field. As we monitor her for several days, we notice that she stands so closely with Jokia, side by side all the time and we think that from old age she might not want to walk much. Many of you will know that Mae Perm and Jokia always stand next to each other. Mae Perm is the one who takes care of her blind friend Jokia. We have always been concerned for the passing of an elder who cares for one younger, and how the younger will cope with the loss. We have tried to nominate a couple of elephants to join them, to find another friend for Jokia. They have been interested in certain family groups, especially Navaan’s. We introduced others such as Dani, and more recently Sri Pai and Thong Kham who seemed trying to join them. My heart breaks even I know that Mae Perm died peacefully, for she has left her friend behind. Every morning I wake up with fear when we have so many old grand mother elephant here, some very old and they walk so slow and some walk with no balance as Jan Peng, Bua Loi and Thai. Mae perm is our first rescued elephant. I rescued her in 1992 from the logging camp. When we rescued her she was so skinny and so sick , but she has a very strong mind to stand to live. Every day in the Park, whether or not she feels tired or not well, she will show her energy to her needy friend/daughter, and stand to support Jokia. It is a big loss of my beloved. Even I prepare each day for the loss, the emptiness and sorrow washes over me as a great wave. Rest in peace my old girl. We will see your adopted girl through her loss and care ever so gently and deeply. Thank you for allowing me to learn so much more about the unconditional love. We miss you terrible.


Maeperm and Jokia always stay side by side comforting each other
Maeperm and Jokia always stay side by side comforting each other.


Mae Perm passed away, 7th April 2016.
Mae Perm passed away, 7th April 2016.





















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