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Elephant of the Week 31 July 2023: Jokia

Jokia joined our elephant family in 1997. Mae Perm, the Park’s first rescue, embraced her right away when they met and they were best friends until Mae Perm passed in 2016.

Through Mae Perm, Jokia was introduced to many elephants, and, most significantly, to SriPrae who took Jokia into her family when Mae Perm died. Jokia became nanny to Navaan and the closest friend to his mother.

An unfortunate incident saw that relationship end and since that time, Jokia has mostly been solitary, with loose friendships but no constant companion. But she is confident in being alone. She has a peace about her and a relaxed composure. She hangs out behind Hope and only steps to the river. She is still young, and no doubt will find herself back within a family gathering again, and appreciated for her loving and gentle ways in the care of the young.

To learn more about Jokia and how you can support her at the Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary, please visit the link below;


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