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Flashback Friday – Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Bunma and her baby Chaba arrival at Elephant Nature Park

Today we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of Mother Bunma and baby Chaba to be with us in the Park ! What a joy it has been ❤️ to be graced with their presence.

Time goes so swiftly and soon they are grown, but the journey to settle them safely and see their family and friendships grow and deepen is simply overwhelming. I cannot look at them, knowing their past and their inevitable future, if their lives had not been proffered freedom.

All of us at Elephant Nature Park have deep gratitude to Noelle Weiss for her abundant generosity in the rescue of this mother and child from lives of misery – and not one mother/child pair, but three !!! – and the purchase of our new land to boot ❤️ , which is in the process of transformation as we speak, for a new rescue location 🙏 🙏 🙏

Noelle, your love for the Giant and your care for them has touched many lives. I am looking forward to your return to us soon to witness the reunion with your children here, both young and older. Bunma and Chaba are an absolute delight to the senses ❤️

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