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Baanyen is not feeling well

From Lek Chailert
Baan Yen, the eldest elephant at Pamper the Pachyderm project is not feeling well. As with so many of old age elephant, one of our largest concerns which can prove fatal, is the digestive system and a blockage. Most old elephant who do not have much in the way of teeth left will have a problem with digestion sooner or later. Complications arise and there are only so many options. Walking (initially) and drinking water (until fluid therapy is tantamount) . The elephant also knows when they have a problem and they will stop to eat and we have to help them to pass what remains blocked and painful. There are a few medical steps involved..we follow the experts in the field for relief of that. But still there are many unlucky elephants who cannot pass the blockage and they end their lives this way, falling down and typically, ultimately, cardiac arrest. Many camps suffer this loss, and our own satellite projects, including the elephant care project. YaiBua has been treated recently and hearty again. For several days now our vets have stayed close to Baanyen, to give pain relief and gas distension meds, and while we treat, we let her walk, as she likes her mahout and will follow his foot steps. We try to do our best for her and to bring her two best friends (Madame JeamSai and Miss Happy) to walk with her and support her. Please pray for her.

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