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Save Elephant Foundation Rescue – MuayLek

Another elephant has now been able to find her rightful freedom, in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

MuayLek has now been successfully rescued by Save Elephant Foundation and this is some of what founder Saengduean Lek Chailert tells us about MuayLek’s rescue

This is MuayLek, a female elephant who is only seven years old. MuayLek worked to entertain in an elephant show. She was a regular star of the camp. Her main work was to perform for tourists. She was trained to paint, to perform with a Hula Hoop, and to stand on 2 legs while dancing.

During COVID and the subsequent shut down of people traveling, elephant camps that relied on tourism, had no tourists and therefore no daily circus routines.

MuayLek remained tethered and dealt with so much stress. All baby elephants deserve the right to play freely, but she never had that chance. Instead, MuayLek developed typical stress behaviour. She had emotionless eyes – desperate – desperate eyes, which prevented me from ever turning my back on her.

Those eyes made me never give up on helping elephants. On the day we met MuayLek, I promised her that I would get her out of her situation and bring her to live with us. In the next few days, Freedom awaits her. We will help her out as soon as we can.

The time came to rescue MuayLek but she refused to board the truck. No problem. We are fortunate that the rescue is a short journey, about a 5 kilometer walk over the mountain. It rained very heavy during the travel to Elephant Nature Park.

Muay Lek seemed more than happy to leave the place that she had stood with swaying head in perpetuity. MuayLek walked hurriedly out of her former abode, seemingly hopeful for anything better than where she had been. With her pace, it was a short journey.

When she arrived at Elephant Nature Park, FaaMai was standing in the field, awaiting her arrival – MuayLek’s welcoming party !

The first thing MuayLek did on their greeting was to touch FaaMai’s ankles with her trunk, as if to question why that FaaMai had no chains ?

MuayLek’s actions brought us to tears at the profound feelings that this baby elephant expressed. After greeting each other for a while, FaaMai followed MuayLek into the shelter and chose to remain with this child for the night.

The first night is important. MuayLek is in a new home, and FaaMai will look after her, comforting her little sister. FaaMai is a gentle elephant. We are so delighted that she has adopted MuayLek on the day of her arrival.

Immense gratitude to Noelle for your generosity and kindness to foster this life to freedom, saving MuayLek from a life of inevitable harm 🙏


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