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Save Elephant Foundation Rescue Update – Grandma Dok Koon

Our Grandma elephant, Dok Koon, displayed remarkable patience, despite her leg injury, as she beared her weight on three legs throughout most of the journey. Thanks to steel rails which encompassed her on our new truck, she could support herself with her trunk while traveling, and lean against the rails beside her.

The 25 hour+ ordeal on the truck with Grandma was exhausting for her, but food and medical support was constantly available.

When she arrived at Elephant Nature Park, there was a soft sand bed awaiting her, prompting Dok Koon to eagerly lie down for much needed rest, ignoring the nearby activity of Chana and her family welcoming a new arrival.

Many of our rescued elephants were accustomed to nightly chaining on cement floors, depriving them of the chance to sleep on the ground due to short chains. This was particularly true for older elephants, as sleeping on hard surfaces made it difficult for them to stand again in the morning.

We’re grateful that Dok Koon can finally rest. Sleep well, Grandma. You’re safe now, and a brighter future awaits you without chains.

Special thanks to Lucille & Christina Frost for their generous donation via TrunksUp, which helped save this grand lady and give Dok Koon a chance for a peaceful life in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

Many people still believe that elephants lack emotions and feelings. I urge you to watch this clip. Every time, upon arriving at ENP with new Park members, we will witness various family groups in the field become highly attentive. Sometimes it is just the truck, but more often it is the knowledge that someone is on that truck. Elephants cluster at the gate, anticipating the arrival of a truck with a new member. They’d raise their trunks and fuss, communicating amongst themselves. Occasionally, elephants aboard the vehicle would respond with a similar Trunks Up and a cacophony of welcoming sounds.

Just 2 days ago, such a welcoming committee marked Dok Koon’s arrival. Chana’s family, eliciting excited and curious noises reflected their raw emotions. This is the heartwarming welcome toward new elephant arrivals at Elephant Nature Park. Allowing them to freely express themselves reveals their wonderful and amazing reactions to each other.

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