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Why does Elephant Nature Park not have Grass Cutting Staff?

Why does Elephant Nature Park not have Grass Cutting Staff?

Local farmers who have raised Water Buffalo and other animals for profit, sometimes find it difficult to support their animals for economic or other reasons. Rather than sending their animals to a slaughterhouse for money, some contact Save Elephant Foundation who famously work with local communities, offering a wide variety  of support.

Elephant X-Ray and Laser equipment arrives at Elephant Nature Park

Elephant X-Ray and Laser equipment arrives at Elephant Nature Park

We are overwhelmed with gratitude as we announce the arrival of new state-of-the-art equipment at our sanctuary, all made possible by the incredible generosity of a private donor via Future for Elephants! (Future for Elephants e.V.) Thanks to their remarkable contribution, we have acquired a brand-new X-ray machine and laser, which will significantly enhance our ability to care for our beloved elephants.

Flashback Friday - 7 elephants rescued by save elephant foundation - the journey to elephant nature park

Flashback Friday – Save Elephant Foundation Rescue 7 Elephants – The Journey

This Flashback Friday post shows a video of how 7 elephants were rescued by Save Elephant Foundation and transported to their new homes within the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park. It was a big day for them, 7 elephants, ostensibly friends, rescued by Save Elephant Foundation, and relocated to a new home where they would never have to work again. It took some time, but it became clear that each would choose their own way and find the person whom they thought to be akin. Time and space and self-discovery prepare the way for living happily in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

Muaylek walks to freedom through the rain towards the sanctuary of elephant nature park

Save Elephant Foundation Rescue – MuayLek

This is MuayLek, a female elephant who is only seven years old. MuayLek worked to entertain in an elephant show. She was a regular star of the camp. Her main work was to perform for tourists. She was trained to paint, to perform with a Hula Hoop, and to stand on 2 legs while dancing. MuayLek remained tethered and dealt with so much stress. All baby elephants deserve the right to play freely, but she never had that chance. Instead, MuayLek developed typical stress behaviour.

Sanmueng and Tangmo settling in after their rescue by Save Elephant Foundation

Update by Save Elephant Foundation on the Rescue of SanMueng and TangMo

It is common after most rescues to receive them to our project carrying a lifetime of trauma. San Meung is not alone in his initial disoriented condition. Almost all experience some degree of stress-related behavior, some far more than others. His eyes still show empty. When SanMueng arrived at Elephant Nature Park, he seemed very surprised. He scrambled to get off the truck , and when his feet touched the ground, he trumpeted so loud.

Save Elephant Foundation rescue of Chu Jai

Save Elephant Foundation rescue of Chu Jai

Chu Jai worked as a trekking elephant all of her life, even with a hip injury which affects her walk. We have taken her away from all of that. It took 19 hours on a truck to finally be free. A harmful past is now behind her. Thanks to the team who brought her to us safely, and especially to those who provided the funds sufficient to give Chu Jai a new life at Elephant Nature Park.

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