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Namthip settles into the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park

Today, we learned more about Namthip’s history from her owner and Lek wanted to share some of her life story here.

Born to an elephant named Chatthong in another village, she was separated from her mother at less than a year old. The owner purchased her before she was weaned, impacting her health. Her once-perfect tail was injured at two, left untreated until it rotted and tore.

From a young age, Namthip was trained for various events, from begging on the road to performing at ceremonies and celebrations and trained to stand on two legs for tourist to take pictures and collect mone.

Despite being accustomed to crowds, she fears dogs and chickens and dislikes alcohol near her.

Save Elephant Foundation has now enabled Namthip to retire from work and she will enjoy freedom for the rest of her life with friends at Elephant Nature Park.

After a long journey in excess of 24 hours, with a soft sand bed ready, Namthip was able to sleep for possibly the first instance in her life, without chains on her legs. Sleeping freely, with no rope around her neck and no one stood over her giving orders, holding a hook, or making threats.

After thoroughly exploring her initial enclosure, NamThip started to eat non-stop. When full, she knew her own fatigue and immediately fell asleep, even if briefly, now discovering a safe and peaceful place to live.

Sleep well, beautiful NamThip. You don’t have to worry or be afraid anymore. Many many good things await for you.

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