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Date of Birth

17th April 2009



Age at Rescue

Born at Elephant Nature Park

Rescue Location

Rescue Date

Herd / Friends

Loves other Elephants

FaaMai, which means New Sky was born on April 17, 2009, at Elephant Nature Park, the first calf born at the park to one of our resident elephants. Her mother, Mae BuaTong, was rescued in 2005 with her daughter, TongJan, who was 6 months old at the time.

FaaMai will never suffer the cruel torture of ‘training’ that captive baby elephants are forced to endure and she will never work a day in her life or suffer abuse at the hands of people. The kindness that she has experienced since birth is evident in her gentle and curious nature. For the rest of her life, FaaMai will stay in her matriarchal family group with her mother, Mae BuaTong, her big sister, TongJan, and adopted big sister, FaaSai. She was a junior nanny to DokMai and to DokRak when they were younger.

FaaMai has possibly the most dynamic, playful personality of any elephant at the whole park, as might be expected given her close relationship with founder, Lek, for whom she shows great affection. She is open, generous, kind, and willing to take risks in the hope of connecting with others for the sake of unity within other herds formed at ENP. She acts as a Park ambassador, welcoming newly rescued elephants and showing love to all whom she meets. FaaMai seems to make a beautiful story of every day.

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Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd?

Could a baby elephant bring her rejected mother into the herd at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

Earlier this year, baby elephant LekLek and mother MohLoh were rescued from the Omkoi District of Chiang Mai by Save…Read More

Elephant of the Week 7 August 2023: Elephant Ambassador FaaMai

Elephant of the Week 7 August 2023: FaaMai - The Ambassador at Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary

She is often the critical link of fostering positive bonds between disparate groups of elephants. In this video, FaaMai can…Read More

Elephant friends FaaMai MaeLanna and SaoYai relax in the evening after a busy day

Elephant friends FaaMai MaeLanna and SaoYai relax in the evening after a busy day at Elephant Nature Park

Whenever the opportunity arises, FaaMai will join with MaeLanna, and SaoYai at the end of the day. FaaMai is a…Read More

MuayLek is now enjoying the river at Elephant Nature Park with many friends

MuayLek is now enjoying the river at Elephant Nature Park with many friends

MuayLek and FaaMai spend a lot of time with the ThongAe family. They have so much fun together. Even after…Read More

Elephant MuayLek gains confidence with help of her friends taking her first mud bath

muaylek gains confidence taking her first mud bath at elephant nature park

MuayLek is enjoying her first mud bath as the monsoon season begins in earnest, granting the mud pit a new…Read More

Kanjana and FahMui were delighted to see FaaMai come to join with their afternoon swim

Kanjana and FahMui were delighted to see FaaMai come to join with their afternoon swim

Kanjana and FahMui were delighted to see FaaMai come to join with their afternoon swim, but FaaMai brought 2 companions,…Read More

Early morning scenes at Elephant Nature Park

Early morning at Elephant Nature Park

FaaMai has long since learned that if she refuses to go back to the shelter at the end of the…Read More

FaaMai brings a smile to everyone’s face

FaaMai brings a smile to everyones face at Elephant Nature Park

Chana's family was quite excited to be going to the river again at the end of the day, and it…Read More

FaaMai with her adoring companion MuayLek meet up with SaoYai and MaeLanna

FaaMai with her adoring companion MuayLek meet up with SaoYai and MaeLanna at Elephant Nature Park

FaaMai knows when her good friends, SaoYai and Mae Lanna, will be coming down the mountain on their way home,…Read More

Update on MuayLek: A trip to the river with Chana’s family and FaaMai at Elephant Nature Park

MuayLek the newly rescued elephant visits the river at elephant nature park

Just the day after the traumatised young elephant arrived at Elephant Nature Park, MuayLek is being shown how to relax…Read More

Save Elephant Foundation Rescue – MuayLek

Muaylek walks to freedom through the rain towards the sanctuary of elephant nature park

This is MuayLek, a female elephant who is only seven years old. MuayLek worked to entertain in an elephant show.…Read More

This happens every time Lek walks among the elephants at Elephant Nature Park

This event happens every time Lek walks among the elephants at Elephant Nature Park

Our founder Saengduean Lek Chailert consistently find time to visit the park in her busy schedule and always enjoys walking…Read More

Happy Birthday to DokMai and FaaMai


Two of our beautiful girl's Birthdays this month - DokMai on April 6th (she is now ten years old), and…Read More

Happy 13th Birth Day to FaaMai.


FaaMai was born April 17, 2009 Her name means ‘A New Day’. She is the first calf born from an…Read More

Happy Birthday (10 years old ) to our beautiful Faa Mai. You are the gift from heaven.


Faa Mai was born April 17, 2009 Her name means ‘A New Day’. She is the first calf born from…Read More

Newly rescued FahMui is making friends in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park


Newly rescued FahMui is slowly realising the freedom and making friends in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park. From our…Read More

FaaMai and Khamla get excited by what they see in the river

FaaMai and Khamla power play and get excited at what they see in the river

Recently, FaaMai has been trying to show KhamLa, that she is stronger and ready to be the leader, but it…Read More

Faa Mai is a lovely playmate of Thong Ae and Dok Geaw


Yindee made a short visit with Thong Ae and Dok Geaw who are being supervised by Dani then he return…Read More

Elephants Playing in the mud


Afternoon rain showers bring a lot of joy to young elephants Faa Mai, Tong Jaan and mother Bua Thong. Lolling…Read More

Happy 7th Birthday to our big girl, Faa Mai.


Faa Mai is the first elephant born free at Elephant Nature Park. She was born on 17th April 2009, she…Read More

Baby elephant FaaMai and her family always spend times together at our sanctuary.


Fabulous Fatty FaaMai leads her family across the river for their trip to the platform for feeding time. Elephants enjoy…Read More

Baby elephant DokMai is showing FaaMai that she can do the balancing by herself.


Look at baby elephant DokMai, she is doing the elephant balance on the log. FaaMai is the best trainer, she…Read More

Our big girl FaaMai has a strong bond with Lek, this is incredible to see she always sleep well when Lek sing her good night song.


Even she now a big girl, FaaMai still love to have Lek lullaby to make her sleep well. Every time…Read More

FaaMai family inspect the new land of Elephant Nature Park.


After we purchase the new land, it take us for while to plant the food and prepare the land for…Read More

Mae BuaThong and her daughter, FaaMai the sweet matriarchal family at Elephant Nature Park.


Happy Mother's Day !! nothing in the world is biggest than the love from mother. Mom can be a great…Read More

FaaMai’s 6th Birthday.


FaaMai's birthday celebration!!!!!! The cake was delivered by Bert Von Roemer and his family of Serengeti foundation, who donated the…Read More

Baby Elephants enjoy a great time together in the river.


KhunDej wants to spend time with the elephant whose age is similar, but Navaan is too strong and play really…Read More

Lek and Faamai are one soul, Lek is part of the herd.


FaaMai and Lek are very close to each other, the bond between them are very strong. When we look at…Read More

FaaMai has her own way of greeting Lek, this is the elephant kiss and big hug.


From Lek Chailert "I have been away for a couple of days from the park and when I walk to…Read More

Jaidee meet Faa Mai’s herd, see how they welcome her.


Newly rescued elephant Jaidee is walking to introduce herself to another family, this time it isFaa Mai's herd. They greet…Read More

DokMai, our queen of the flowers is blooming at Elephant Nature Park


DokMai is 1.8 years old  and  enjoying drinking breast milk from Mae Dok Ngern while her nanny, FaaMai, also nurses…Read More

FaaMai is the best friend of naughty Navaan


Sometimes when the baby play they might play too rough. Navaan plays as the boy and sometimes he pushes FaaMai…Read More

Beautiful elephant FaaMai bathing in evening


FaaMai has been really enjoying to take a bath in the river during the sunset. It is so beautiful to…Read More

FaaMai, The cutest Elephant ever


FaaMai is the first lucky calf born from an ENP mother, Mae Bua Tong. She stay in our sanctuary with…Read More

FaaMai in the UK News


FaaMai in the Daily Mail Lovely pics, video and article in the UK's Daily Mail. UK News story about our…Read More

Looking at the view from the eyes of a freshly born elephant


" I'm ready for mother's milk and soon to explore the wild world outside :)" Please "like" and "share" my…Read More

New great way for travelling.


Travel with response and respect to the others is the new way of tourist. Today many company as STA ,…Read More

Elephant talk


You may be wonder what they are talking ? what they are thinking ? and what they are doing? Daily…Read More

Living at ENP- July 2014


The family group of FaaMai, DokMai and their nannies , are the most friendly group and can join with every…Read More

Living At ENP : 22-6-14


Just want to share the picture of our herd activity update .Hope you have a great day. Family relax in…Read More

Mahout at Elephant Nature Park


Taking care of elephants is not easy without mahout . They are the important group who help us to look…Read More

Lek’s baby elephant lullaby goes viral


A video of Lek singing a sweet lullaby to a baby elephant, who quickly went into a deep, contented sleep was…Read More

FaaMai : The number 1 nanny.


FaaSai transferred her job as number one nanny to FaaMai, to look after naughty baby DokMai. It already keeps her…Read More

The will to live: Ponsawan’s story


The poor elephant name Ponsawan, age 18 years old, who had been injured in the deep jungle while she walked…Read More

DokMai the copy cat


The nanny always influence the baby who they look after - human and elephant are the same. DokMai spends close…Read More

Mae Perm join fun park


Human may think toy just for children , but for the elephant age doesn't matter. After we have set up…Read More

FaaMai : Muay Thai Back Kick


After we set up the toy play ground for the elephant , our herd spend their time to play with…Read More

Mud Fun collection


Safe and freedom can bring all happy and life always fun. The elephant are the same , if they feel…Read More

Happy Birthday FaaMai


She is our first born free. She never suffered in a training crush and she is the most happy elephant.…Read More


Dok Mai and FaaMai

FaaMai Joined our herd: 17 April 2009 From: Born at the park Birthday: 17 April 2009 FaaMai was one of…Read More

FaaMai and the herd at Elephant Nature Park


Lek is a keen photographer which should be apparent in these great pics she wants to share with you.

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