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Namthip is receiving medical attention at Elephant Nature Park

Although NamThip is finally in her new sanctuary home, her health issues are quite pronounced.

Our veterinary team promptly conducted further detailed health checks on her, including additional blood tests, stool sampling, and urine checks.

Today, we also conducted an X-ray of her left hind leg, which seems to be problematic for her.

Upon initial observation, NamThip’s bowel movements are abnormal, with dark, foul-smelling diarrhea. She urinates irregularly, with cloudy, thick white urine, leaving visible white residues on her hind legs. She shows signs of pain each time she passes urine.

In terms of physical appearance, Namtip is notably emaciated, weak, with abnormal gait, a large head, sunken face, limping, dry cracked skin, and an inflamed left eye.

Her vacant eyes speak volumes about her mental anguish. While it’s difficult to imagine what this little elephant has endured, her current condition speaks volumes.

It’s time for society to wake up to the welfare of animals in Thailand. Even though NamThip has received assistance, many elephants, both young and old, are in similar conditions. How many more lives are suffering right now?

What is the root cause of the elephant crisis? Those involved in elephant-related work know it well. If animal cruelty laws fail to protect elephants, it’s time for elephant lovers to speak up for them.

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