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Little Mebai is trying to have milk from Mom’s breast. Can you imagine how she is happy to live together with the mother again ?

This is the picture of little Mebai who was desperate for love ever since she was taken away from her mother more than three years ago. Imagine her many nights filled with panic and fear, a child alone, injured and confused, for three and half years she stood in the rain and the sun without her mother, for three and a half years she entertained the human need for subservience.
Now she enjoys the companionship of her mother – she feels like the little baby again. She feels safe when she sleep because her mother stands over her. She sleeps deeply and snores loud in the jungle. Some time she wakes up and try to drink milk from her mother’s breast. It is such a beautiful moment.
I wish humans would never take the baby animals away from their mothers. Can we imagine how much pain and suffering they experience? I hope one day that more people will break through the wall of thinking that humans and animals are different. Until then my friends, we will continue to stand together, lending our voices in defense of animals. Together we are making a difference !























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