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Happy Songkran’s Day, hope you have a great time and enjoy our traditional Thai New Year celebration.

13th April is The Traditional Thai New Year, or in the other name is Songkran’s day. The most famous aspect of the Songkran celebrations is the throwing of water. The custom originates from spring cleaning aspect of Songkran. Part of the ritual was the cleaning of images of Buddha. Using the ‘blessed’ water that cleaned the images to soak other people is seen as a way of paying respect and bring good fortune. As because of April is the hottest part of the year in Thailand, so being soaked is a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity. If you visit our park during this festival, you could experience the celebration with our elephants, throwing  and splashing the water to each other. Soak and get wet in the after noon with the beautiful creators will be the high light of your trip.


















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