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Happy Birthday to our beautiful boy, Dok Rak

Happy Birthday to our 4 year old beautiful boy, we hope your birthday will be as amazing as you are! You deserve all the best in your life.

Please enjoy watching a video, they celebrate Dak Rak’s birthday cake today. It is so funny to see Fah Sai who has longer legs walking faster to test his birthday cake. Happily, everyone having a chance to enjoy the cake together. We are so happy to see our young boy growing up strong and proud surrounded by the love and care of family at ENP.

They deserve a safe and bright future. How you can help elephants:  Help the herd


Little boy Dok Rak first day at ENP.


Dok Rak is so lucky to have his beloved sister take care of him.


Cutest overload little Dok Rak climbed on the log.


His sister, Dok Mai always follow Dok Rak everywhere.


Dok Rak is so big today.


Dok Rak looks really handsome at his 4th birthday.


Happy 4 year old boy, Dok Rak.


Please enjoy the video, Dok Rak’s family sharing his birthday cake together.



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