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Happy 6th Birthday sweet boy Dok Rak.

On 27th April 2016 in the morning at about 0437, a new baby boy was born to mother Dok Ngern. The little baby was very healthy and alert to mom’s milk right away. He was born in the company of all of her future nannies in the shelter. Without a doubt,  Sri Nuan was selected by Dok Ngern to be number one nanny of the little boy, who we have named Dok Rak, the flower of love.

Dok Ngern has first son named Chang Yim, second daughter named Dok Mai and the last is a sweet boy Dok rak. It is overwhelmed to see Dok Ngern being a good mother of her calves and our heart are warming to see her friends become the very protective nannies helping Dok Ngern to take care the baby elephants.

Dok Mai is the big sister of baby elephant Dok Rak and she is being his best playmate at the same time. Dok Rak loves to play with Dok Mai all the time, Dok Mai also wants to play but at the end of the day she often tries to discipline Dok Rak and wants to protect her little brother as a good nanny doing her job. They are absolutely adorable.

To day is Dok Rak’s birthday, he’s already 6 years old. Happy 6th birthday to a truly unique little boy! If you are already this kind and caring at such a young age, no wonder that you’re going to grow up to be the very special elephant ever. We hope your birthday today is super special, too!


Dok Rak born around 4.37am on 27th April 2016.


Dok Rak’s first day at Elephant Nature Park.


When a mother gives birth, they always have a close friend or family member to help to care for and assist the mother elephant. From the moment the calf first drops, responsibilities are shouldered and the first work is to secure the newborns’ survival against predator. The nanny remains close and always helps the young one to get stronger. The nanny will use their trunk and legs to help the baby find the nipple and learn to drink milk from the mother.





Dok Rak 2 months old.



Dok Rak 3 months old.


When Dok Rak was about 4 months old, he got a first chance to roam around the park. It is the big step for our sweet boy to venture and learn new experience. He was very happy to explore the environment and the family were very excited. All nannies and the mother Dok Ngern gave him the strong protection.


First time Dok Rak explored the park with his family.



First time Dok Rak explored the park with his family.



Dok Rak was really impressed the first time of his life to play with the dirt.



Dak Rak 1 year, March 2017.


Dok Rak 1 year old.



Dok Rak 1.4 year, August 2017.



Dok Rak 2 yrs, enjoyed mud bath with family.



Dok Rak 3 yrs, 30 September 2019.



Dok Rak 4 years old, April 2020.



Dok Rak and the herd shared his birthday cake together on his 4th birthday.



Dak Rak’s 5th Birthday.



Dok Rak 6 years old.



Dak Rak 6 years old. He is a handsome boy, growing healthy and tall.



When Dok Rak (2 months old) tried to nap during the day at Elephant Nature Park. Unfortunately, his mother and nanny don’t want him to sleep, they wake him up all the time. Let’s see his reaction from the footage below. He is such an adorable baby elephant!




Dok Rak (1 year old) loves to play with Dok Mai all the time. Dok Mai sometimes wants to play but at the end of the day she often tries to discipline Dok Rak and wants to protect her little brother and do a good job with her duties as a nanny at Elephant Nature Park.








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