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Elephant of the Week 11 September 2023: Celebrating SanMueng’s 1st year of freedom

Sanmueng was rescued by Save Elephant Foundation on 10th of September 2022 and this update celebrates the 1st year of his release to freedom.

SanMueng is a bull elephant taken from his mother’s care at the tender age of three and forced to perform at the Phuket Zoo.

He was forced to “dance” to music, to play musical instruments and perform demeaning tricks for tourist’s entertainment. The lengthy performances were held up to three times a day and SanMeung was required to follow commands under the threat of a sharp “bullhook”.

When not performing, he was chained to a concrete floor in a small, bleak enclosure, where onlookers often saw him swaying repeatedly in distress – a sign of the psychological condition known as ‘zoochosis’.

Since his rescue not so long ago to Elephant Nature Park, SanMueng has become a calmer, more relaxed elephant, but sometimes still shows outward signs of the significant trauma experienced in his previous life. We KNOW that over time, loving kindness and care will bring SanMueng back to being a playful young boy. He is a magnificent animal, but he does not yet know that fully. He will soon.

To learn more about SanMueng and how you can support him at Elephant Nature Park please visit the link ;

SanMueng (แสนเมือง)

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