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Flashback Friday 8 September 2023: A short story of our handsome young bull named Navaan

Navaan (meaning “gold” in Cambodian) was born at Elephant Nature Park in the early hours of October 28, 2012, to a chorus of trumpeting and elephant gossip. Navaan will never work and will never have his spirit broken in a phajaan. He was so adorable as a baby, and such a winsome lad growing up within a family of ever expanding Nannies.

As a young bull, Navaan is confident and demanding, and, like his father Hope, is playful and mischievous, enjoying to be the center of attention. Navaan lives in a large bull enclosure now, across the river, where his mother, SriPrae will visit him on occasion.


To learn more about handsome bull Navaan and how you can support him at Elephant Nature Park, please visit the link below;

Navaan (นาวาน)

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